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Capretto Calling

June 10, 2009

Yesterday after a meeting in Haberfield (an Italian area of Sydney), I made a quick detour to the shops and stocked up on some goodies…fresh ricotta, wood fired bread, canoli…and a nice looking leg of Capretto (6-8 week milk fed goat). Scouring my collection of cookbooks last night I found absolutely no mention of capretto or goat in any of them! How can this be…I have a small weakness for cookbooks and a shelves groaning under their weight. Stephanie Alexander, Georgio Locatelli, Neil Perry, Stafano Manfredi, Antonio Carlucio, River Cafe, Maggie Beer, Moro…nothing! So I checked my favourite blog sites…and then google…and came up with very little in the way of ideas or inspiration. So this finally is what has prompted me to start my food blog.
I found from my internet trawls that goat meat is supposed to be a healthier option. See the table below comparing saturated fat etc. Sourced from

90g Cooked(roasted)_____Calories__Fat(g)___SaturatedFat(g)__Protein(g)__Iron(g)

Imressive isn’t it? I think we will have to shift our preferred type of meat from Lamb to Goat after reading this. I should say, Lamb is my preferred meat – Andrew prefers chicken or a good rump steak, Tara seems happy with any and Sam is trying/threatening to be a vegetarian. I prefer lamb mostly because I think they cannot do too much “tampering” with growing sheep – no hormones (beef and possibly chicken), no battery farming (wagyu beef, pork and chicken), etc. Besides, a barbequed lamb cutlet is one of my favourite meat eats!
So back to the goat.
Before leaving for work today I made up a quick marinade of juniper berries, some mixed peppercorns (green, pink, black, white), garlic, sage, rosemary and olive oil. I rubbed it all over the goat and stuffed as much as I could in the cuts. Should have added a bit of salt…oh well will have to remember to add some later tonight. I plan to slow bake it with some more herbs, carrots, celery, wine and more. I soaked some dried borlotti beans as well last night and I am contemplating throwing them into the baking dish as well…or turning them into a soup. But now, I must get on and do some ‘real work’. Stay tuned for pictures and results.

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