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This naughty dog

July 30, 2009


Our naughty dog ran away from home yesterday. She had escaped on Tuesday as well but was found consorting with the other dogs in the park a couple of doors down from our house. When she does escape (which is not that often) she heads straight for the park in search of other doggy friends. But yesterday she was nowhere to be seen. Andrew popped home in the afternoon and noticed her gone. He searched for a bit but no luck. Then when I got back from my meeting on the other side of town I headed for the park to look for her. A man at the park told me he saw her running in the middle of the road about an hour earlier and two blocks away. She has no road sense at all. He had to stop his car and ask her to move.  Dark thoughts filled my head – she is so deeply adored by the kids that I don’t know how they would cope if anything happened to her. I headed home to get the car intending to drive around the local streets to look for her. And as I got home I spotted her walking up the street. She was relieved and very happy to see me and I suspect she was struggling to find which of the houses was her home.

She was in terrible trouble that night. Tied up for the rest of the afternoon. Tied up in the night – no snoozing on the warm rug inside with us in the heated room until bed time. Rather subdued dog this morning.

And then I found out from one of the parents at school where she had been. She had gone up to the school to look for the kids. I guess with the end of school holidays she was missing them and decided to go and get them herself. Cheeky but so sweet. Now I feel bad about all the trouble she got into yesterday. Still had to tie her up on a very long rope today (until we can find her escape hatch) but gave her a chewy treat.

Update – when I got home in the evening I found that she had managed to undo the knot I had used to tie that long rope to her collar. She was rather pleased with herself. How cheeky is this dog?!

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  1. August 1, 2009 1:52 PM

    Gorgeously cute, though. She looks most remorseful in the photo.. 🙂

  2. August 5, 2009 7:24 PM

    I just looooooooove dogs and really hope that I can have one one day

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