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A crazy venture

August 26, 2009


Last Sunday we went along to the “World Goa Day” celebration in Sydney – an annual celebration day that Goans who no longer live in Goa, India celebrate in quite a few countries around the world. It sounds like a bigger deal than what it really is. About 400 people pack into a hall to eat Goan food, gossip and listen to (mostly bad) music and talent quest type of things. Last year we decided two days before the event to take a stall and my mum, her sisters and I had a big cooking frenzy for it the day  before. It was a lot of fun and this year my kids insisted that we do it again.  Tara decided that the stall should be called ‘Spice and more’ after this blog and she painstakingly painted this sign along with a little help from Andrew. Sam made a big poster as well and lots of little signs. Tara was worried that one of my signs said “made with love from our family to yours”…. “if we put our love in it, will we run out of love?” she whispered. I had to explain that the more we gave away, the more we would ‘grow’, and in anycase it wasn’t our ‘best’ love that we were giving away! I love her innocence. I also love the way she refers to Spice and more as though it was a real thing, much like she refers to my business D.

The real highlight of the day for them was winning the first prize in the talent thing for playing a piece together on their violins. A big basket of fruit that they are particularly enjoying eating, declaring each piece to be the sweetest ever. The ‘fruits of their labour’ indeed!

We cooked prawn balchao, pork that tried to replicate the taste of goa sausage, a fish curry, rice, chicken cafreal, prawn pastries, a goan biscuit called bolinhas and cupcakes (not very goan I know, but I did add coconut in them and flavoured the icing with rose water to try and make them a tad Indian). And after that huge cooking frenzy you would think I would have lots of photos and recipes for this blog right? Wrong.  Only one photo – the one below taken while I was making the fish curry because the colour of it (so red and orange) made me feel happy. Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has a photo of the balchao on her site because I took a tiny bit for her when I met her this week (more on that in another post soon) and I have promised her that I will post up the recipe for it soon. And the conclusion from this little foray into the food industy? Stick to my day job! The total profit from the day was less than my hourly rate in my professional life…says it all really. But yeah, I know, I do it for the kids to have a connection to their cultural heritage ….. and because I am slightly mad.

red curry

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  1. August 26, 2009 8:05 PM

    Spice and More IS a real thing! And didn’t Tara do a wonderful job with the signs? Congratulations to both her and Sam for their wonderful violin performances – sounds like you all had a wonderful (if exhausting) day!

    I don’t want to make prawn balchao, I want you to make it for me. I’ll trade you some ginger chocolate..


  2. August 26, 2009 11:13 PM

    Sounds like a lot of fun at least to do every now and then although perhaps not for a living! 🙂

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