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Why doesn’t anybody bother to decorate our country?”

December 16, 2009

Well we finally got on that plane. Our visas came through yesterday morning just a few hours before we were due to depart. By that stage I was over the whole thing and no bags packed as yet. A little melt down before going in to work for a last conference call. Not enough sleep or caffene. I fell asleep before the plane took off much to Tara’s disappointment. She was so excited that she talked non stop for the three or so hours between picking her up from school and me falling asleep. She could have kept talking after that too, I don’t know when she stopped! Her slightly too loud, slightly too bright voice and non stop talking reminded us that this is how she masks her anxiety about going to a new place. Last year when we took her on her first overseas trip we noticed this behaviour. Sam smiles on indulgently like he is so grown up, but he too is very excited. Every place we went to last year Tara declared to be “just like home!” Scotland, London, Florence…..all just like Sydney. (We did ask if she could take us on a tour of Sydney when we got home.) I guess in her five year old way she must have expected a different country to be like a different planet. Last night we kept asking her what she thinks of Singapore and if it too is just like Sydney. Yes, she declared, but it smells different and feels different. Seeing all the lights in the trees in Orchard Road she wanted to know why nobody bothered to decorate our country. Take note Kevin/Clover – Tara is disappointed in the way you are managih Australia/Sydney.
Despite it being 2am accoring to our body clocks when we arrived the kids were keen to go for a little walk and find food. A 24 hour hawker centre just in the block over from our hotel was busy despite the late hour. This morning when I woke up the clock said 8.30 but it was dark and quiet outside. I was confused about the time – was it morning or had we slept through the whole day? In the end the fact that it was so quiet out there convinced me that it must be morning!
Get ready for some photos of fab food. Apologies in advance for spelling mistakes. I am using the wordpress for iPhones and so far so good. Are you impressed that I typed all this on the silly phone?!

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  1. December 17, 2009 9:36 PM

    I am really impressed. no way that I can type such a long post from my phone. I kept blogging when i went abraod recently. There were typos as the keyboard and spell checks were in French and German. I have preserved the errord. Closest we can get to reflecting a state of mind in the age of keyboards

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