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A trip down (food) memory lane

December 19, 2009

We have been trekking to all our old favourite food destinations in Singapore. Our days are planned around the meals we want to eat. After two days here I have put on a kilo. Oh dear. I can see that my hard earned four kilo weight loss is all going to be undone in my three weeks of holiday. Right now it feels worth it but I am sure I will regret some of it in Feb!
These are pictures from lunch at the Empire Cafe at Raffles Hotel. I used to go there for lunch with Christina quite often when I was pregnant with Sam. For some reason the staff there always brought me an extra complimentary dish (much to Christina’s annoyance). I was never sure why they did it, the pregnancy thing I guess. My favourites were the laksa, chicken rice, char kway teow, roti parata with chicken and lamb curries…. All of which you can see below:

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  1. December 20, 2009 1:29 AM

    we’ll take care of the other three kilos tomorrow 😉

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